Kali Nali

To expand on Sangama Educational and Outreach activities we are initiating a new program known as “Kali Nali”. Under this banner members may participate, contribute and share their experience and expertise to not only improve communication between members but also cement Sangama’s influence on next generations of St Louis Kannadigas.

Kali Nali will operate as part of our Educational and Outreach activities with help from Sangama’s volunteers (members, parents and youth) under the direction of Sangama Executive committee

Tanu, Mana, Dhana – We invite Sangama members to whole-heartedly contribute their time and effort as well as donate generously to develop these activities and make Sangama a vibrant community. Kali Nali will encompass many activities coordinated by volunteer members as listed below.

Kannada Shale

Teaching Kannada language to children growing up in St Louis so that they know what it means to be a Kannadiga. This is most essential for a sense of belonging of next generation of kids with Sangama. Educational field trips for children, etc. may also be organized. Additional details can be found on this website –www.kannadashale.com

Chintana Mantana

Knowledge sharing and thought provoking discussions by Sangama members for adults and youth on topics such as literature, science, college education in America, etc. These are presentations may also be in their field of work. But it can also include brainstorming sessions, poetry recitals, etc. Click here for past Chintana Manthana sessions.

Antaralada Matu

 Sangama members may write blogs, member news, travelogues, memoirs, stories, poems etc on Sangama website. Visit http://www.sangamastl.org/ಅಂತರಾಳದ-ಮಾತು for details.

Veda Paata/Kannada songs

 Kannada Bhava Geethe, Veda classes, and Devara Nama for interested kids and adults may be organized.