About the Organization



Sangama , an Art and  Cultural Association of Kannadigas (people who hail from the Southern state of Karnataka in India, and/or who speak Kannada), in St. Louis, is in existence since 1985. Sangama has provided a home away from home to many Kannadigas who have made St. Louis their home. The members of the association are more like family friends with a strong bond that makes them come together as a family.

In the year 1985, what was started as a small group of like-minded Kannadigas, has grown to an organization that is 150+ families-strong today!  Sangama has been proudly conducting four major events every year starting with Ugadi, the Kannada New year in April, followed by Father’s day picnic in June, the Ganesha festival in fall and the Karnataka Rajyotsava celebrated in the early winter. Sumptuous food is guaranteed at all these events. Sangama members have been fortunate to enjoy visits from innumerable number of well-known musicians, poets and artists. Many of these special concerts or events are co-hosted with Sangeetha and other organizations as Sangama feels a strong sense of community and likes to involve and open participation to other organizations as such.  In the early 90’s, Sangama had organized a Midwest Kannada Conference in St. Louis which was a huge success.

In April 2011, on the auspicious occasion of Ugadi – Kannada New Year celebrations, Sangama hosted “Snehada Kannada Sammilana” and marked the completion of its glorious Silver Jubilee year. “Snehada Kannada Sammilana” was a historical event in Sangama’s cultural history. Kannada associations from neighboring cities along with St Louis Kannadigas gathered to exult and commemorate this jubilant occasion with diverse cultural activities. The event was filled with exuberant representation of artistic talent exemplifying our multifarious culture.

On May 2015 , Sangama sponsored 7th “Kannada Sahitya Ranga” event in St Louis. It was 2 days cultural event with wide varieties of Kannada Literature programs , cultural events & along with delicious food. The event was attended by writers all around from USA & Canada with headcount of around 300+. More details at http://www.kannadasahityaranga.org/

The children who have grown up in St. Louis are indebted to the opportunities that Sangama has provided in exposure to Indian culture and heritage, friendship and family atmosphere. The Ganesha festival is a time when children and youth participate in group bhajan rendition.  The other cultural events throughout the year, showcase some of the best ‘hidden’ talents from our young and not-so young membership, be it in plays, songs or dance numbers.  Sangama is also an avenue for children to value the language, Kannada, and the rich heritage from Karnataka that their parents or grandparents feel so proud of being a part of!  Some of our young Sangama members have also showcased their Carnatic music skills at ‘youth concerts’ organized by Sangeetha and other organizations.  These youngsters have also taken music and dance to another level by participating and doing well at Cleveland Aradhanas, Chennai music sabhas and Classical dance festivals around the country.

Sangama members look forward to the events with an opportunity to spend time with their friends.

Sangama’s members have provided to each other, a solid support that one normally expects and gets, from their family members. With a solid history of the last twenty nine years, Sangama looks forward to many more years of togetherness in the community and among its members.