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Smitha Milli

Smitha Milli

Categories: ಸಂಗಮ ಸುದ್ದಿ

Smitha Milli is the daughter of long time Sangama members Mr and Mrs Laxman Milli. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a BS in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. This year she received the Computing Research Association’s Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award, an award only given to two undergraduates in the whole of USA for excellence in computer science research and has been offered a position in PhD programs at Berkeley, Stanford, CMU, and MIT. She is currently a research intern at OpenAI and will soon be starting her PhD at Berkeley.

Below is the link to the award details.

Smitha Milli is a senior electrical engineering and computer science major at the University of California, Berkeley. Smitha’s research areas include human-compatible AI, computational cognitive science, and natural language processing (NLP), with applications such as NLP of literature, bounded-optimal metareasoning, and AI safety. She has also been a teaching assistant for several CS courses, and she has assisted with the establishment of a Center for Human-Compatible AI at Berkeley.

Smitha has presented her research work at many AI conferences in the past. She has been invited for two conferences to be held in Australia next month.

Sangama Kannada Association on behalf of its members and Kannada community wishes Smitha Milli the very best in her future endeavors and congratulates the proud parents on her accomplishments.

Author: sangama